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Northampton mechanic - car body work, car workshop, car-accident repair

Welcome to J& V car express garage

where you can get your car looking and running better than ever before. We have experienced professionals that will work closely with your car’s engine, body, and more to improve the performance and aesthetics. From car body repairs to mechanical repairs, we do it all. You should never drive your car into a garage unless you know that the people working on it have the experience to make improvements. We have combined experience working with cars of all makes and models. We also have state of the art equipment throughout the body shop to be able to address issues of all sorts.

Car Body Repair Northampton

Bumper repairs

Your bumper can see a lot of wear, tear and rust, and that can seriously hurt the look of your car. Not only that, should you resell it, it’s sure to bring down the value of your vehicle, while replacing it is a pricy undertaking.

Scratch and dent repairs

As you use your car, there’s no escaping the fact that it won’t always look brand new. Scratches and dents can occur at any time, taking a toll on the appearance of your car. We can take care of all those scratches and dents and make your car look good as new

3-stage car body polish

Give your car that sheen that you haven’t seen since the day you bought it. Our 3-stage car body polish routine will bring back the lustre to your dusty car, making it look good as new!

Restorations and modifications

Whether you want to implement minor restorations for specific parts of your car or modify any part to your liking, we possess the tools and expertise to make it quick, cheap, and effective.

Full accident repairs

Accidents happen – and we all have to deal with their consequences. For all the damage caused to your car in a traffic accident, we have a solution. Bring your car to us and we’ll fix it right up

Alloy wheel refurbishment

With our technologically advanced tools, we can bring the lustre back to your old alloy wheel. As wheels are quick to get dirty or damaged, we take special care of the wheels to make them sparkling and new for you


Scuff can not only negatively affect the appearance of your vehicle, but your resale value will surely plummet with it. Rather than completely replace the scuffed area, you’re better off repairing it for a much better price

Mechanical repairs & servicing Northampto

Mechanical service
at J&V car express

we offer the best mechanical service you could imagine. With the latest tools and incredibly competent, experienced and well-trained experts, we can offer a service like no other.

Testing & diagnostics

Some car servicing companies may have problems identifying the actual cause of your problems - not us. With the keen eye of our experts and amazing equipment, we can identify the root of the problem right away.



You need quick assistance with your car, call us we will arrange a date we will set the details.

Northampton mechanic - car body work, car workshop, car-accident repair

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